In recent years, with the growth of business, the total number of employees has exceeded 2000 people in 2015. It has brought great pressure to the human and administrative departments, especially the IT management and operation personnel in enterprises. Account management and personnel management, such as employee account creation, change, deletion, permission setting, etc., resulting from a large number of frequent employee turnover, turnover and job change. It is basically the working norm of IT management and operation and maintenance personnel. Such a normal work makes the whole IT management inefficient, and the support ability of IT operation and maintenance personnel has been unable to meet the needs of the rapid development of dripping business.

Product overview

ADM account unified management tools, optimize the IT management

OneBridge ADM is oriented to the use of the Windows domain of enterprise users launched a management software, it provides a simple and intuitive operation management interface, enabling managers to perform AD, Exchange and the central console, Lync management, reduce the system management tool of switching operation, reduce the difficulty of the management using the command line or script, thus greatly simplifies the management AD, Exchange, Lync.


Batch operation for IT operation and maintenance personnel to save more valuable time, timely data synchronization to ensure the personnel, account information, data accuracy and effectiveness, greatly reduces the cost of personnel management, the full range of multi dimension display drops of IT management, provides decision-making basis for comprehensive visualization system by IT management.

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