Advantages of Sonic Drill Versus Conventional Drill Methods

Advantages of Sonic Drill Versus Conventional Drill Methods

Sonic drilling is not a brand new technology. As a matter of fact, it has been around for a while but up to this day, the industry has remained still in its adoption phase. What does this signify then? It means drilling contractors have no other choice but to educate their water well, mining, geotechnical and environmental clients about it, what it does, and how advantageous it would be when employed for their projects.  

Sonic Drill Technology

This technology involves penetrating the soil. What makes it distinct from all the other methods we have today is the fact that it reduces the friction that is likely to form between the drill bit and the drill string. This friction is due to liquefaction. It will also reduce the inertia effects and have the same minimizing impact on the porosity of the soil.  

How advantageous could this soil penetrate technology is?

Fewer problems with Lesser Power

Despite the fact that the sonic style of drilling requires less power to run, it still delivers the same effect as can be seen in conventional drilling. As one of its unique characteristic, the likelihood of torsional forces to occur on the drill string is lessened.

It is Clean Drilling

There are a number of unique situations where you would not want to use air, water or even drilling mud while drilling. This drilling technique does not necessitate the use of mud or air while drilling. For this reason, it becomes the ideal and preferred method to be used for geo-construction, geotechnical, and even in environmental applications.

When you are involved in a mining project, like that of a leach pad, incorporating water or air can create a disturbance. If this happens,  it can affect the soil’s mechanical properties and cause erosion. In a worst-case scenario, partial landslide may occur.

Reduces Waste By Up to 80%

Sonic way of drilling rigs eliminates slough with its use of casing advancement system. By this measure, it makes way for improved sample integrity even through sand, dolomite, limestone and a host of unconsolidated materials.  

Way Faster Compared to Traditional Drilling Methods

Sonic drill technology makes use of high-frequency resonance which is helpful in taking away or in minimizing friction that inevitably occurs between the core barrel that is being advanced and the encountered subsurface material.  This makes it possible to have a maximum core recovery and for efficient penetration of various subsurface conditions.

Delivers Superior Information

What sonic style of drilling can provide you with is a relatively undisturbed core sample with unmatched quality and accuracy via whatever type of formation. Environmental scientists, geologists, and drillers will have a surefire way of knowing exactly where a particular core sample originated from because it comes with less than 1% deviation.  

This particular style of drilling the earth’s surface is inherently clean because it is known to produce only minimal amounts of drilling derived waste materials. It is very practical and ideal for use if your project is situated in what can be best described as a highly sensitive geological location.

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