Chemical Storage Cabinets: What to Consider

Chemical storage cabinets are important to the safety of facilities that handle flammable or combustible liquids, as well as their functionality. If you cannot ensure the protection of your people and processes, you will need to contend with a lot of potential damaging roadblocks and impediments that may get in the way of your operations. As such, it is vital that choosing your cabinets be done with care; the wrong cabinet will not only be a waste of your money, it will also pose a significant risk to your and your facility’s safety. When choosing, consider these.


Type of Liquid/Cabinet Classification


The type of substances and chemicals that you will need to store inside your safety equipment should be foremost in your selection process, as this dictates the kind of cabinet that you should get. Check the safety data sheet of your options so that you can check whether they are a match for the materials that you will be handling.


Local and Federal Requirements


Additionally, make sure that you are apprised of any existing or updated industrial regulations established by both local and federal agencies. What may be required in one city, after all, may just be a recommendation in another city; similarly, there are rules that cover facilities in the entire country, depending on which model code has been adopted. Ask questions and get in touch with the proper agencies for guidance.


Choice of Supplier/Manufacturer


Finally, choose the right resource for your chemical storage cabinets. If you are purchasing other safety equipment such as gas bottle cages, this is even more important. Your chosen manufacturer should have a solid track record of designing products according to industrial expectations and standards, and they should be able to provide customised guidance. You should be able to ask them for additional input and recommendations, to inform your decision.


Also, check the add-ons that come with the purchase. The value of the investment that you make will be measured by what you get, compared to what you give. The right manufacturer will offer excellent customer service and support, especially when it comes to incorporating your cabinets into your suite of equipment. If you will need their assistance with maintenance, for instance, they should be able to help your facility draw up the right practices to be employed, for the safekeeping of your safety storage cabinets, throughout their lifespan.

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