CNC profile cutting Oxy-Fuel or Plasma

A CNC profile cutter is machine that uses oxy-fuel and/or plasma cutting process for slicing though metal. Many industries have been using this cutting technology for more efficiency.


Oxy-Fuel Cutting

Oxy-fuel, also known as flame cutting that is a combustion process, is an economical way of cutting steel as well as weld preparations, which uses oxygen or fuel gas flame. As the flame brings up the material to ignition temperature, a jet of pure oxygen will then blow the spot being heated. As a result, the material oxidizes. The flame is then moved and a cutting kerf is made. The quality of the cut varies according to some factors such as the thickness of the material, its surface condition of the material, and the speed of the cut.

With oxy-fuel cutting, you can cut any low alloy steel for up to several inches thick. For heavy material that is 35 inches thick, only oxy-fuel flame cutting can cut through it. Oxy-fuel cutting is great for piercing holes, weld seam preparations, and other high quality production of metal components. This type of cutting technology delivers good quality cut, smooth cut, carbonizing the heat affected zone, and it can be used in a variety of materials.

Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting is also a common technology used for cutting of thin, low-alloyed steel. Plasma is often times referred to as the fourth state of matter, along with solid, liquid, and gas. These states of matter differ according to their level of energy. When heat is added to ice, it melts and becomes water. When more energy such as heat is added to water, it vaporizes and turns into oxygen and hydrogen, which is in a form of steam. When you add more energy to the steam, it becomes ionized. The ionized gas is what is known as plasma. The process of ionization makes the steam or gas electrically conductive.

Plasma cutting transfers the energy from a power source, using its electrically conductive gas, via a plasma cutter to the material. A plasma cutting system includes an electrical power supply, an arc starting circuit and a torch. This cutting technology is used for a range of different material. Plasma cutting yields low to high quality of cut, depending on the material, but with smooth edges and surface. It is also great for welding and medium heat input. Unlike oxy-fuel, it has excellent cutting speed.



Both oxy-fuel and plasma cutting methods have their pros and cons. However, what matters most is that you choose what is suitable for your business or application. These CNC profile cutting machines are controlled by a computer software, which makes the entire operation even easier and faster. These machines very cost effective and very affordable, helping make your work and production more efficient, and yielding you more profit.

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