Different Applications for Water Jet Cutter

The advantages of high- pressure water jets are being appreciated by many industries today. In fact, it is one of the fastest- growing precision machine processes available at present. The technology behind a water jet cutter effectively allows a wide range of industries to gain benefits from significant efficiency gains and to achieve higher productivity, whilst being extremely cost-effective and environmentally sustainable. Below are some of the applications where this technology is a must.


Waterjet Applications


Waterjet Cutting of Stone and Tile

A waterjet cutter efficiently cuts marble, stone, ceramics, tile, and porcelain. It is ideal for insertion of inlays, as well as logos for stone and even tile applications. This is because the process can effectively maximize performance, while reducing cost and increasing profit.


Waterjet Cutting of Glass

Waterjet is a must if you need internal cutouts in glass. It effectively pierces through even very thick materials and produces the best edge quality. At present, this technology is globally utilized for many glass processing applications such as:


  •         powerpoint cutouts
  •         mirrors
  •         table top inlays
  •         kitchen and bathroom splash backs
  •         frameless shower screens.
  •         window panels


Waterjet Cutting of Metal

Waterjet is also used to cut a range of both exotic and standard metals including:

  •         aluminum
  •         brass
  •         copper
  •         mild and stainless steel
  •         Inconel
  •         titanium
  •         alloys


This is due to the fact that waterjet creates clean cuts with exceptional edge quality that does not demand for a secondary finishing. This makes it one of the most efficient and versatile cutting processes. It is also a cold-cutting process. This means that it is ideal for cutting metals as there are no heat-affected zones on any part of your workpiece.


Waterjet Cutting of Food

For so many years now, waterjet has been effectively utilized for food-cutting applications as it eliminates problems that are caused by cross-contamination while producing high- quality cuts. Now, it is used to cut a wide range of food products which includes meat products and fresh vegetables. It has proved to be a reliable method of portioning fish, chicken, and celery.

Waterjet is getting more popular for portioning produce and different food products as it offers amazing time savings. It also increases product shelf-life and can reduce the risk of cross-contamination caused by cutting using blades.


Waterjet cutting in the Automotive industry

The machine has been used for so many years in the automotive industry due to its ability to be easily integrated with robotic systems.


Water-only type of cutting is the more preferred tool for production of interior carpets, head linings, and insulation as it produces very minimal material waste without mess.


It’s simply amazing how we can benefit from this technology, especially in this modern and fast-paced life. Having this around is definitely a worthy investment.


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