Energy Efficient LED Lights – The Best Option For Your House

adverimg-167365These days electricity consumption is increasing in every house with a very rapid pace. In the coming years if the ever increasing consumption is not reduced then we can face major electricity crisis. In order to cut down your electricity bills it is very essential for you to install energy efficient lights and bulbs in your house and office. Energy efficient bulbs are gaining rapid popularity because they are highly efficient and they really help you to save a great amount of electricity.

In this article, I would mainly like to tell you about the various features of energy efficient LED lights and bulbs.

1. Durability factor
The full form of LED is Light emitting diodes. These special light emitting diodes are excellent power savers as they emit light in only one direction. These lights are used in various applications in today’s world. One great advantage of the LED bulb is that it is highly durable and they can last for approximately 30,000-50,000 hours. These lights do not have any filament that is why they can not be destroyed under the normal circumstances.

2. Great energy saving capacity
These lights are extremely cost effective and they really help you decrease your electricity consumption. You will see that the normal lights use a lot of energy to warm up the filament but this is not the case with LED bulbs because it coverts all the electric energy that is supplied to them into light energy.

3. No usage of mercury
You will see that harmful metals or mercury is not at all used in the Led bulbs that is why they are extremely safe.

4. Lightening the remote areas
These days special LED lights are being used for lightening the remote areas. LED’s require a very low power that is why they are installed in solar panels to generate electricity in various isolated areas.

5. Cooling capacity
You will see that incandescent bulbs produce 85 btu’s heat per hour whereas the LED bulbs only produce 3.4 btu’s heat per hour. The LED bulbs have a cooling effect on the atmosphere because heat is not built inside them.

6. Instant On and Off capability
LED lights are very safe around children because even if you drop them they would not harm your children. They are very cool to touch as they do not contain any mercury.

So, what are you waiting for, just purchase these great energy efficient lights to reduce your power consumption.

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