Important Things to Know About Electric Forklifts Servicing

Electric forklifts servicing is a necessary part of successful preventive maintenance. It is particularly designed to ensure the full functionality of the forklift throughout the duration of its lifespan. Consequently, it also helps facilities save up on significant costs that may be incurred from premature damage to components and other issues.

If your facility is yet to start with electric forklifts servicing, knowing what you should about the process is critical to its proper management. If you need a little prodding towards the right direction where that is concerned, remember these pointers.

Proper Scheduling

Servicing is necessary for electric forklifts that have fulfilled their mandated maintenance intervals conditions.  Some electric forklifts are serviced based on usage intervals, while others take note of the hydraulic or drive motor running time. Remember that these differ from equipment to equipment so make sure that you read the manufacturer’s manual carefully to know when yours should be up for servicing.


Proper Practices

Electric forklifts servicing should also follow specific practices to make sure that it starts and ends successfully. This will not only ensure the quality of the product, it may also be necessary in keeping your warranty. Some manufacturers will void your equipment’s warranty if the forklift has been compromised by improper maintenance or repair.


Proper Professional Help

Additionally, the industrial lift equipment industry requires servicing to be done only by those people who are trained for it. So when getting your equipment serviced, first make sure that you go to a professional or a company that has the right credentials for the job. In addition, you should check for:

  • The reputation of the servicing professional or company
  • The range of experience of the servicing professional or company
  • The customer experience of the servicing professional or company; and
  • The quote

Nichiyu Electric Forklifts

In some cases, where you got your nichiyu electric forklift is the best resource for its servicing, too. This is particularly significant if the supplier is also the manufacturer of the equipment. Check your warranty coverage to verify if servicing is included in the price that you paid for the purchase of the forklift.

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